Foundation Skills in Acting: A Workshop with Deshik Vansadia

“Acting is an everlasting search for truth”

– Laurence Olivier

(Legendary British Thespian and first Director of the National Theatre, London)


               Participants at a past Foundation Skills in Acting workshop

Acting is has been described variously as an art, a craft, a reaction and a state of being. At the DSM we believe, acting, indeed drama as a whole, is a function of doing. And hence our Foundation Skills in Acting workshops focus on practical approaches to character and stagework. These workshops are held 3 to 4 times in a year and conducted each time by well-trained, experienced actors. The first in the series this year was conducted by Shruti Mishra. It took participants through the exercises of Jacques Lecoq in order to facilitate a discovery of core areas of acting: movement, voice and the development of strong performance by understanding dramatic texts. Then we had Neeraj Shirvaikar who brought the characterization sensibilities of Theatre of Cruelty to the floor.

This time round,  Deshik Vansadia (Stella Adler Academy of Acting, Shakespeare & Company) brings his passion for Shakespeare to The Drama School, Mumbai to deliver Foundation Skills in Acting.

    Deshik (first from the left) in action during a rehearsal of Hamlet for radio

Deshik has played various parts in the plays of Shakespeare in India and abroad – the most notable being Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, Clotten in Cymbeline and Angelo in Measure for Measure. He has directed and performed in radio plays for All India Radio. In Mumbai, his performances in The Boy who stopped Smiling and Dhara ki Kahani have received much acclaim. Read more about Deshik’s efforts to bring Shakespeare alive for a contemporary audience in India here.


Key Workshop Takeaways:

  • Acting is doing. Not feeling. Not showing  
  • How to live in the space
  • Brewing down the script to playable actions
  • Shedding inhibitions and making way for the truth

Dates: 12th-16th December    | Time: 6.30pm – 9.30pm   | Fees: Rs.  5000/-
Venue: 5th floor, Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangh, Girgaon, Charni Road East, Mumbai.

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