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Armed with Fundamental Skills in Performance, Direction and Production

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Prepare for a career in acting: on-screen & onstage, and glean entrepreneurial skills in the theatre industry

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Tap into DSM’s 9 years of experience as a leading, reputed theatre training school in India

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Learn from formally trained faculty who are rooted in practice, and up to date with industry practices


Become a part of the extended DSM community, an active network of alumni, faculty, and industry professionals

Armed with Fundamental Skills in Performance, Direction and Production.

Post Graduate Certificate Course in Acting and Theatre-making.

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Our History

Drama School Mumbai was founded to forge a new generation of theatre-makers; actor-creator-entrepreneurs professionally trained to perform and create work to a higher global standard of storytelling. 

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Our Alumni

They are all highly active, founding theatre groups, acting in award-winning plays, working in films, collaborating on various platforms as well as applying their craft in education and corporate training.

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Our Teaching Techniques

We work with a faculty comprising of the best theatre practitioners, actors, playwrights, directors, theatre designers and producers. Armed with fundamental skills in performance, direction and producing, our faculty is formally trained, rooted in practice, and up to date with industry standards.

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We Support

We work to promote the awareness of theatre and its processes to a wider audience interested in exploring and understanding the medium for themselves.


Foundation Semester

A full-time engagement in fundamentals of performance-making, this semester will be conducted completely online and covers handpicked elements of theatre training that can be taught, practised, and applied in the digital format.

Advanced Semester

A full-time high-intensity in-person training in a residential format, this semester functions as a progression to the Foundation Semester (Digital) and provides a powerful learning environment that helps build performers’ relationship with themselves, with other performers, with the space and the ensemble.

Admission Requirements

Applications for the Blended Post Graduate Certificate Course in Acting and Theatre-making are opening from 20th July 2022.
The Blended course is slated to begin in January 2023. Our team will guide you step-by-step through the application process so that you can put your strongest application forward.

Education and Age

Minimum age of entrant
should be 21 years
and above


Graduate/Equivalent level of study or work experience.

Admission Process

The admission process comprises a written application, a CV, two professional letters of reference.


We provide eligible candidates with scholarships and financial aid options as money should not get in the way of a good education.


150+ Professionally Active Alumni

15+ Years of Experience

20 Original Productions

8 New Theatre Companies

Why Choose us?

We have the legacy of training the finest artists in the industry

Our Alumni are a valued part of our DSM community.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • With the predicted third wave, India’s situation is still very uncertain. That’s why, we have opted for a blended learning format for this PG Course, with partly digital, partly-residential components.

    The 1st semester of foundation skills will harness online channels, to ensure that your learning begins in a safe space (as vaccines roll out!).

    Since July 2020  our faculty, alumni and others have been participating in different kinds of online and digital training. The methods and approaches vary from in-person training, but they have all found that embodied learning can be just as effective in the digital space.

    DSM has worked relentlessly with our Course Leaders and consulted with pedagogy and drama experts from across the world to develop the PG Course curriculum, which has been further optimized for the digital medium and remote learning. We have put together a support structure to ensure that students have access to help, encouragement and feedback whenever they need it. Whether in the digital space or rehearsal room, DSM’s commitment to learning with rigour, focus and collaboration remains steadfast.

    The 2nd semester of advanced skills will be residential to help hone your craft in a physical, intense manner.

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