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Start your career as an actor, director, storyteller with our immersive program taught by the best theatre faculty in the country At Drama School Mumbai (DSM)

PG Certificate Course In Acting And Theatre Making 2024

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High-Quality Intensive Training in Acting and Devising.

PG Certificate Course In Acting And Theatre Making 2024

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Begin Your Career As An  
with our immersive program taught by the best theatre faculty in the country at drama school mumbai (DSM)


Begin a transformative journey in theatre with our Postgraduate Certificate Course.
This program combines acting, scriptwriting, performance-making (storytelling, direction, devising, and design), and entrepreneurial skills, offering a comprehensive and dynamic approach to enhance your career in the dramatic arts.

Purpose of the PG Certificate Course


At DSM, our mission is to prepare students for success in the world of performance and creation.


We cultivate the skills and work ethic required for thriving careers in stage, film, television, OTT, education, drama facilitation, storytelling, social work, and beyond.


We focus on the social impact of theatre, teaching what makes performances compelling and how to use this understanding to create meaningful work.


Our PG course fosters independent and critical thinking skills in aspiring theatre-makers.


What You Will Learn

Key takeaways and skills acquired during the course:

  • Condition the body and voice to use them together as a performance-making tool.
  • Learn to create engaging work within an ensemble by applying the knowledge of theatre’s social significance to the creation process. 
  • Work with industry practitioners and mentors to devise a unique learning path for yourself.
  • Delve into script analysis via character and scene study for performance building.
  • Journey through the fundamentals of theatre design, diving into what makes a compelling stage production.
  • Acquire pivotal knowledge into entrepreneurial and production skills to help realise your artistic vision. 
  • Come into your own as an actor-creator while seizing performance opportunities at DSM.

Who is the course for?

  • For aspirants who wish to begin their journey with a solid training that’ll propel them into the industry as strong performers and creators. 
  • For those seeking mentorship that nurtures self-reliance, discipline and rigour required to succeed as theatre-makers in today’s world. 
  • For those willing to benefit from an intensive learning approach that enhances their collaborative and technical skills. 
  • For those looking to become part of a vibrant professional network of actors, theatre directors, producers, and filmmakers in Mumbai and across India.

DSM Alumni

Course Overview

The PG course unfolds over 2 semesters, with three key strands- Performance, Creation, and Dramaturgy

PG Certificate Course In Acting And Theatre Making 2024

Tuition and Financial Aid

DSM provides merit and need-based scholarships for those committed to a full-time education in Acting and Theatre. Last year, over 80% of students received financial aid based on their personal circumstances. While there are financial aid options available for the course, prospective students are encouraged to acquire our detailed course prospectus for more information on existing opportunities.

Our PG Course application form is now available for purchase.

For more doubts and inquiries regarding the process, download our course prospectus and gain exclusive access to:

  • Anyone who has a strong dream to start their career in acting, theatre, film, a course with the DSM will be your strongest start on this journey.
  • Clear tuition-fee information provided alongside available financial aid and scholarships options.
  • Step-by-step guide to the application process.
  • An overview of the drama school’s facilities and resources.
  • The learning and teaching community at DSM led by industry experts in the faculty.
  • Insights on post-graduation networking opportunities.
  • What you leave with in addition to the training at DSM.

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