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The Unreliable Narrator: 3-week intensive course (online)

Drama School Mumbai

Register Now - 32,000 INR

Workshop Timings: 08:00 – 16:30 (every day)
Fees – INR 32,000

Here are some other offers to sweeten the deal:

Avail 10% discount for the next DSM workshop

Certificate upon completion

Free access to 1 DSM special workshops (we’ll explain the options available upon enrollment)


Please note: As the course is an intensive one, we expect a full-time commitment between 08:00 to 16:30 every day.

Participants need to be ages 18 years, and upwards.

This course is suitable for both beginners, and intermediate students.

This is an intense physical course, and will require you to spend hours on the floor with your instructors. If you have a medical condition that will hamper your physical participation in any way, please inform us at the time of your application. If there are any details of your physical or mental wellbeing that you would like to share with us to better facilitate your learning, we’d be happy to discuss how we can accommodate them.

Through this three-week intensive course, participants will: 

  1. Work towards discovering and developing a fully embodied character.
  2. Author and tell a story.

They will do this through the following blocks of study:

Movement & Physical Conditioning:

Build trust, awareness, and value for our bodies;
Develop body-mind imagination;
Learn to move as a whole with an awareness of the spine


Make room in oneself for “the other” to emerge.
Practice seeing the value in being outside oneself.


Affirm individual voices through exploration and discovery;
Find the breath that supports vocal expressivity;
Harness the ability to bring text to life.


Discover how a story can emerge from character.

Weekly colloquium:

A mediated conversation with theatre practitioners who use storytelling as a medium of creative expression.
Understanding the social and cultural significance of storytelling as well as the performative.

*By the end of the three-week intensive, students will have to create and present individual or group storytelling performances.




Tushar Mathew

Tushar is a theatre maker, actor, and teaching artist.

He has a Bachelor’s in Mass Media from Mumbai University, a degree in Acting and Theatre Making from Drama School Mumbai, and an MFA in Ensemble Based Physical Theatre from the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre, California.

He has worked as Instructor and Marketing Director at Dell’Arte, and co-founded the Otherland Theatre Ensemble. Tushar is currently based in Bengaluru where apart from teaching theatre, he facilitates workshops on water conservation and climate change with the Paani Foundation, moonlights as a former circus bear named Bumbles, and continues to develop his solo show “A Good Neighbour”.


Urmi Kothari

Urmi Kothari has a background in sports and fitness, and a professional dance career in forms like Kalaripayattu, Mallakhamb, and Kathak with the Daksha Sheth Dance Company. Since 2012, she has been teaching quality movement for strength and conditioning of both the body and mind via Kinetic Living, her philosophy of training.

Kinetic Living is a pedagogy that uses more than 6 different movement disciplines to build strength, endurance, mobility in joints and muscles as well as imbibe body and breath awareness, posture, coordination and intention. She combines dynamism from bodyweight, free weights and sports and focus from mind-body workouts like pilates, animal flow and yoga.

Urmi has trained on behalf of Nike, Apple, Red Bull d her style of workouts has featured on various platforms like YouTube originals, Nike Campaigns, Hot Star, TATA sky. Her favourite form of movements are those that energize the spin.


Amba-Suhasini Jhala

Amba-Suhasini is a professional actor and director and is an alumnus of The London School of Music and Dramatic Art (2009), where she trained in Classical Acting. At present, she is the artistic director and co-founding member of the theatre company – Guild of the Goat. Her directorial credits include Agamemnon (Berkoff’s adaptation of Aeschylus’s classic), Infant (by Oliver Lansley) and Futureproof (by Lynda Radley). Amba is part of two international theatre ensembles as a performer, devisor and co-creator, and has collaborated on three shows with Walkabout Theatre (Chicago), an experimental physical theatre company. With The Shakespeare Ensemble (London) she has been engaged in an exploration of 16th CE performance practices including Original Pronunciation.

During the pandemic, while also conducting regular online trainings, she was part of two virtual theatre experiments – What you will -(a devised show with the Shakespeare Ensemble) and Interwebs (a project built in collaboration with Walkabout Theatre, Chicago). Both are available to watch online.

For close to a decade, Amba has been conducting workshops for children, adults and professional actors.  She has been a visiting faculty at DSM, Mumbai where she taught Shakespeare in Performance as well as at the University of Illinois theatre department in Chicago.


Gerish Khemani

Gerish is a theatre director, writer, actor and teacher.

He has trained at the London International School of Performing Arts (Art Haus Berlin) in Devising Theatre and Performance. He won the Hindu Playwright award with his co-writer Akshat Nigam for their play ‘In Search of Dariya Sagar’ in 2017.

He runs his own theatre group in Mumbai called The Blind and The Elephant. An extensively physical approach to creating work, using the collective imagination in the room, working towards a playful ensemble and crafting a layered visual universe are some of the guiding principles of his work.

He works as a visiting faculty at the Drama School Mumbai and is also a corporate coach.


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