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4 Pillars of the Course


The course has been designed to build your awareness as a performer. The students will be introduced to a variety of tools and methods to help them build an understanding of their instrument as well as develop an awareness of their environment. The objective is to build the physical and mental discipline to align the body and imagination to thereby facilitate the acts of performance and creation.


Dramaturgy refers to the critical analysis of theatre pieces, the process of creation, and consumption and how they fit into the world we live in. The foundations of dramaturgical thinking lie in understanding theatre as a process and performance as a creative output for society.  How meaning is made, how it is understood by the viewer, and how to analyze work critically and dispassionately to improve it.

At DSM, we emphasize the social function of theatre – why something is relevant, what makes it good or bad and most importantly how to apply this understanding to creating performance experiences that are not just aesthetic but also authentic. There is a consistent process of self-assessment and reflection. We focus on critical thinking and analytical skills and their application to the craft of creation.


Creation is one of the mainstays of the course. The course provides multiple ongoing opportunities for the students to apply their performance-making skills to create storytelling experiences for their mentors, faculty and peers. In order to develop their own creativity and voice, and to use the creation opportunities to apply all that the students have learned in the school to making work that is interesting, engaging and authentic.


The course believes that all our students must graduate with an entrepreneurial mindset. Be able to take self-initiative and be self-starters, essential qualities by which to embark on a career. It is also important to learn practical skills around entrepreneurship so that the students can not simply be able to act or create innovative work, but also be able to produce and execute this work with professionalism and expertise.

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