Transformation Into Character with Micaela Miranda




Micaela Miranda is a director, movement director and teacher, and academic researcher for the discipline of actor movement. She trained as an actor in Portugal then moved to Paris to train at L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq and Ecole Philippe Gaulier. Moved by the question  “What is theatre for?” Micaela has worked as an actor in devised processes as well as a director and producer in several countries. She started work with the Freedom Theatre in Palestine in 2008, helping found its three-year professional actor training program, leading and designing the curriculum as well as teaching Movement and Improvisation. Following that she received a scholarship from the Gulbenkian Foundation and moved to London to study at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. 

At present, Micaela is leading the Practice as Research Project: Motivation and Risk in movement training while social distancing at Oxford School of Drama. 

As a teacher, Micaela is passionate to discover every time how actors process and understand humanity in order to express it imaginatively through their bodies. As director, Micaela’s work focuses on the embodiment of meaning through a metaphoric approach led by creativity, imagination and experimentation. Being part of the team responsible for the artistic direction of the Freedom Theatre, Micaela has been leading theatre research in resisting injustice through story-telling, co-authoring two publications about the work of Cultural Resistance through Theatre and developing a form of improvised performances based on community story-telling.


DSM Global Faculty Programme 

Transformation Into Character  with Micaela Miranda

Oxford School of Drama | London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts

5th October – 21st October 

6 Sessions | Every Monday and Wednesday 

Fees: Rs 7000/-  


Please note the detailed session timings:
5/10 – Monday from 2:30 pm
7/10 – Wednesday from 2:30 pm
12/10 – Monday from 2:30 pm
14/10 – Wednesday from 2:30 pm
19/10 – Monday from 2:30 pm
21/10 – Wednesday from 7:00 pm

Workshop Takeaways:

  • Focus on the physical preparation required from the actor when working on a character
  • Deepen and make specific the analysis of movement of life around us to transfer to your own body to bring a character to life
  • Get in contact with elements of the Lecoq pedagogy that relate to the mechanic, dynamic, dramatic and poetic dimensions of a character
  • Experience a process of embodied transformation for a character of choice in several levels of play: from naturalism to masked play and street theatre 
  • Find physical principles to play age, class, gender, injury and other physical characteristics
  • Work with costume, objects and the space as vehicles of storytelling of the character’s inner and outer life
  • Improvise with your character and hopefully generate material that connects to the stories you want to tell