The Stage is Materializing: Material and materiality in theatre

What do tea cups, salt shakers, Dame Judi Dench, and bits of PVC tubes all have in common? They have all played prominent roles in critically acclaimed and thought-provoking theatre around the world.   Material has always been part of the general world of theatrical performance, serving as props, sets, costumes, make up, lights and sound. Everything we see when we watch a play which isn’t a human body is technically “material” of course. Yet, when we speak of “Material Theatre”,...

FLYING SOLO: Maya Krishna Rao in conversation with Nimi Ravindran

Loved and respected by theatre-makers across the country and abroad, the indefatigable Maya Krishna Rao continues to be an inspiration for the next generation of artists. Although we know of her as a powerhouse performer, Maya has juggled many hats over the years, including that of teacher, educator and mentor. Having premiered her latest show in Delhi she talks to Nimi Ravindran about life, work, politics and her new show, intriguingly titled: Loose Woman N: Solo performers often refer to...

In Discussion: Theatre Festivals of India - Value and Judgement

In Discussion: Theatre Festivals of India – Value and Judgement by Shruti Achesh  _______________________________________________________________ One Night Only at the Hindu Theatre Fest 2018 Photo Courtesy The Hindu Mahabharat at the Vinod Doshi Festival Pune 2018 Photo Courtesy Katkatha Hampi Utsav Photo Courtesy – Travel Triangle DRIFT Photo Courtesy – The Hindu ...

Finding the Classic in the Contemporary: An interview with Mangai

In conversation with Lavanya Narayanan                Mangai (aka. V Padma) at her home in Chennai. Pic Courtesy: The Hindu V. Padma sits in a chair in her cozy home. Surrounding her is her in-home library: a bibliophile’s wonderland, it holds what many theatre students can only dream of. But for Padma, or Mangai – as she is known in the theatre arena – the books represent much more than a petty fascination. They are her life. “I am an academician,” she admits proudly. And yet,...

Premanad Gajvee

कलेला वारंवार सिद्ध करावे लागते

प्रेमानंद गज्वी (१९४७-ह्यात) हे नव्वदोत्तरी मराठी नाटककार, लेखक व कवी आहेत. सामाजिक बांधिलकीचे भान ठेवून समाजातील विदारक सत्य प्रभावीपणे मांडणे यासाठी ते प्रसिद्ध आहेत. त्यांच्या “घोटभर...

Modern theatre, Mumbai and Indian aesthetics

By Tanvi Parekh, Kathak dancer and travel scribe  He shares a love-hate relationship with Mumbai, the city which is at the heart of most of his plays. She has been lighting, directing, and conducting workshops all across Mumbai. The two collaborated for Ambu and Rajalakshmi, officially. But unknown to Ramu, she has lit most of his play-productions for the past few years. Gurleen Judge and Ramu Ramanathan kick-start the Conversations@theDSM series, a celebration of the guru-shishya...

A Look Back: Conversations@theDSM with Shernaz Patel

Conversations@theDSM has brought theatre veterans and raw talent together to discuss myriad nuances of drama and theatre. Last week, actor Shernaz Patel came to DSM to speak on theatre and share her experiences. Shernaz was interviewed by Manjiri Pupala, a talented actress and an award-winning documentary film-maker. With a gathering of 50 people, Shernaz was able to mesmerise the audience by narrating tales from her early theatre days.

Let Your Voice be Heard: Musings and mechanics of the new age of oral storytelling

by Zohra Malik Photo via Gratisography Once upon a time; in a place that could be anywhere in the world; people gathered to tell stories. Everything, from the neighbourhood gossip to legends and myths, took shape through recounted narratives. Today, in an era where voices are being silenced by the noise of gunshots fired outside homes, let us go down the rabbit hole and explore where storytelling came from and where it is headed to.

A Look Back: The Alexander Technique with Sarah Barfoot

An initial exploration of the Alexander Technique might seem a fair bit complicated. But one also realises that, as a performer, it is probably one of the most effective tools to enhance your craft. A good teacher will not only give you the techniques to do this, but she will enable you to imbibe it to your regular practice. And that is exactly what Sarah Barfoot’s two day intensive workshop in Alexander Technique did for its participants.

A Look Back: Acting Through Voice with Hetal Varia

The Foundation Skills in Acting workshop in the month of September was titled Acting Through Voice, facilitated by Hetal Varia. The workshop was a five day programme, designed to facilitate an understanding of the role of voice in performance by going to the depth of the contents of what voice is all about and how to better its delivery.