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Alumni Production Grant


Date 7th, 13th and 14th April

The Shunya Theory

Synopsis of the Play:
The project is an exploration around the meaning of ‘life’ and what it means to people coming from different walks of life. The play is a drawing room drama, where one late afternoon people gather together out of necessity. The conversations between these characters, the relationship that they do/don’t share with each other, paves way to complex realisations in the lives of all. The play, through the stories of these individuals, explores the themes of modern lifestyle, spirituality, scientific curiosities and mental health. The project is a performance of an originally written play. The languages spoken in the play are English and Hindi, at a show running time of 75 minutes.


Lilanoor Centre for Voice and Music
Date: 7th, 13th and 14th April

Performed by Aayush Sharma | Dhwani Singh Chikara | Harshita Luba Guha | Aaryan Pavvit | Shobhit Tandon

Understudies Jayant Chand
Noel Sengupta

Discussants Abhishek Basak
Neel Sengupta

Dramaturgy Abhinav Grover
Noel Sengupta

Light Design and Operation Noel Sengupta
Tanishq Pant

Production Head Himmanshu Pal

Projection Gaurav Nijjer

Project Mentor Neel Chaudhari

Assistant Director Tanishq Pant

Playwright and Director Himaniie Panth

Projection Gaurav Nijjer

Project Mentor Neel Chaudhari

Love is a potato

Love is a Potato/Salad

When desire erupts and ruptures, what does it leave behind? Love is a Potato/Salad journeys the tangled lives of five humans facing a central dilemma: can one pursue the ‘aesthetic life’ – filled with pleasure, experience, indulgence and art, while also holding on to the opposing force of the ‘ethical life’: a life of family, morality, institutions and security: With dinner, drink, dignity… depravity all at the table, demanding to be served – these humans are forced to swallow unpalatable truths of their irrealities.


The Blank Canvas, LTG
22nd December | 7:00 PM
12th January | 8:00 PM – 13th January | 7:00 PM

Costume Design Amisha Agarwal & Anannya Tripathyi

Sound Design Rishabh Bhan Singh

Light Design Naveen Sharma

Light operation Meghna Singh

Written, directed, designed & Produced by Rishika Kaushik

Creative Production & Dramaturgy Meghna Singh

Scenography &
Prop Design
Meghna Singh & Akshit Satyarthi

Poster Design &

Performed by Anannya Tripathyi, Drishti Chawla, Naveen Sharma, Ratana Sambhav, Shwetha Gopalakrishnan

Woodwork Saravan Kumar

Project Mentor Neel Chaudhuri

DSM 08 01 24 Post 3

The Apology

Synopsis of the Play:
“My Guru is long dead; he will never say the words that I have longed to hear, hence it must be imagined.”
But what is a true apology? Are there steps to it? And is an apology enough?
Through her own inner sanctum, she crafted an apology imagined, tailored for her, by her, to her, channeling her revered Guru. Questioning the brutality of a teaching system claiming deep-rooted tradition but trembling for survival in the modern world, she awakened. Those who bore the torch shattered her, yet the classical dance-form itself set her free. Subverting its form, she rediscovered her body, reclaiming it after years of exile. Shedding the shackles, she exhaled, “Old man, be gone!”,
The Apology is a response to Eve Ensler’s novella with the same name, Produced by The Swapnatara Collective and Supported by The DSM Niloufer Sagar Alumni Production Grant.


Veda Factory, Versova
6th January | 6:30PM - 7th January | 8:00PM

Directed and written by Meghna Roy Choudhury

Dramaturg of Process Meghana A T

Performed by Princy Sudhakaran
Priyanshu Gupta

Devised by Princy Sudhakaran
Priyanshu Gupta
Mithil Raj Goswami

Mentor Padma Damodaran

Singer Snigdha Pious

Musician Ruturaj Bhosle

Producer Shimlli Basu, The Swapnatara Collective

DSM 08 01 24 Post 2

Boli Gaind Ka Supna

Boli Gaind Ka Supna chronicles the experiences of a man hailing from Haryana who decides that there is nothing of any value in the world. Slipping into nihilism with “terrible anguish”, he is determined to commit suicide. However, after a chance encounter with a young girl, he begins an inner journey that re-instills a love for his fellow man.
This play is based on Fyodor Dostoevsky’s short story ‘ The Dream of a Ridiculous Man’ This play is Supported by the DSM Niloufer Sagar Alumni Production Grant, and Divyendu Saurav (Turtle Studio).


Veda Factory, Mumbai
3rd January | 4th January | 08:00 PM - 09:20 PM


Written and Performed by RAVI KALRA

Atta Galatta Artwork


Akila, Daughter to a paranoid mother, sister to a special-needs brother, and now an expectant mother. And the lifelong battle between the demands of these roles with her defiant sexuality. Her scandalous ‘Glitter’.

Why should you attend?

1. If you haven’t watched a play that’s made you laugh in awhile–then this is the one!

2. Childhood trauma, anyone? Presenting an hour of trauma bonding over laughter, and oh laughter

3. Come watch Akhila figure her way out of the hell hole called – LIFE.

Atta Galatta, Indiranagar
3rd January | 4th January | 08:00 PM - 09:20 PM

Performed & Devised by Tanvee Ravi

Playwright & Director Anshuman Acharya

Production & Marketing Vaishnavi Ramanujam

Light Design Kausar Nawaz Afghan

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