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Drama School Mumbai invites you for an evening of ingenious storytelling at our annual performance showcase: “DSM Ke Teen Natak” and “DSM Ke Teen Aur Natak”. From script to stage, we bring you six captivating stories helmed by our in-person batch of 2023. This event is a culmination of our graduating students’ years at DSM.

Watch them step into the spotlight as their passions take center stage!

We have planned performances in multiple cities, including Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and our home city, Mumbai.

अंब दा बूटा

Our very 1st play, अंब दा बूटा, is an intriguing reflection on death.

When Lata and her family confront the news of her impending demise, her insatiable curiosity about life’s mysteries consumes her. Amidst the family’s emotional turmoil, Lata embarks on a whimsical journey of self-discovery.

Featuring: Anya Ghai | Bhavya Rampal | Pranjal Vaid | Priyanshu Gupta | Siddharth Jalan

रोको मत जाने दो

The 2nd play, रोको मत जाने दो, is about a deep bond between a 65-year-old pensioner and his 35-year-old actor tenant. However, when the tenant desires to leave, issues of loneliness, acceptance, and embracing change come to the forefront.

Featuring: Aayush Thakur | Anukriti Mishra | Karan Harplani | Princy Sudhakaran | Vishal Kasana


Our 3rd play, titled “Copy-Paste” is set amidst a stormy night where a son finds himself back at a crumbling house, facing a distant father and an array of unspoken emotions. The weight of unsaid words and painful memories lingers. Who is responsible for the divide? Will the storm shatter their bond?

Featuring: Mayank Vashisth, Sandesh Pawar, Stalin Mathew, and Sumit Bishnoi.


Our 1st performance, titled “शहद” is a drama about two strata of society.

सुबह की अज़ान से पहले , मौलवी के कमरे में एक लड़की घुस आती है। मौलवी को लगता है कि चोर घुस आया है, पर वोह छुपने की एक जगह ढूंढ रही होती है । ये कहानी उस रात की है जब समाज के दो अलग अलग लोग एक ही परिस्थिती में साथ फस जाते हैं.

Featuring: Abhimanyu Gupta, Faisal Khan, Gunjan Tirmale, Mayank Dave, Praveen Kumar

Lo Chumbak

And the 2nd title, Lo Chumbak, is a tale of love and conflict.

Vijay, a conventional man grappling with his sexual identity, encounters Noah, a vibrant activist championing the legalization of same-sex marriage. As their relationship unfolds, it becomes a passionate journey filled with both love and turmoil.

Featuring: Nimisha Desai, Sidhant Seth, Sumit Rawal, Ritik M. Agarwal, and Vishal V. Singh

Veer ki Khoj

Aadyant culminates into an extraordinary showcase with the 3rd play, Veer ki Khoj : A satirical play that explores politics via the internal and external struggle of a politician when his son decides to join the army through the Agnipath scheme at the age of 19.

Featuring: Muskaan Chandra, Naitik Gaurav, Prabhakar Singh, and Rahul Soni.


Date/ Day

Events Name

22nd July – Saturday

The Box (Pune)- DSM ke Teen Natak

23rd July – Sunday

The Box (Pune) -DSM ke Teen aur Natak

26th July – Wednesday

Veda Factory (Mumbai)- DSM ke Teen Natak

26th July – Wednesday

Veda Factory (Mumbai)- DSM ke Teen Natak

27th July – Thursday

Veda Factory (Mumbai)- DSM ke Teen Aur Natak

29th July & 30th July – Saturday & Sunday

Krishnayan, JKK, Jaipur / Prayogshala, Ahmedabad

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