Drama from Behind Closed Doors: Part II: The show goes on

The Covid pandemic and the ensuing lockdown have changed the way we do a lot of things. It has given us time and reason to introspect and examine our commitments to things we believe in. Organizations big and small have used the past two months to make tough decisions for their future. 

In the arts and cultural sector, data indicates that almost every creative worker has lost income and opportunities. But the sector itself will weather the changes and emerge in forms old and new. With that in mind, Drama School Mumbai has made some changes too. Here is a snapshot of how the rest of 2020 and 2021 will look for us:

About Drama School Mumbai

Drama School Mumbai was founded in 2013 to forge a new generation of theatre-makers; actor-creator-entrepreneurs professionally trained to perform and create work to a higher global standard of storytelling. Our alumni are all highly active, founding theatre groups, acting in award-winning plays, working in films as well as applying their craft in education and corporate-training.

We work with a faculty comprising of the best theatre practitioners, actors, playwrights, directors, theatre designers and producers.

Armed with fundamental skills in performance, direction and producing, our graduates embark on making their own livings and careers in the theatrical arts, contributing to a gradual development of the sector with work that aims to be of a higher standard for all audiences.

Drama School Mumbai also works to promote the awareness of theatre and its processes to a wider audience interested in exploring and understanding the medium for themselves through shorter workshops, lectures, and regular presentations of work created by the students and faculty.

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